In Matthew 27:66, the chief priest and Pharisees took the Roman guard to the grave site of Jesus and made it secure, and along with the guard they set a seal on the stone.

We would assume the evolutionary process that scientist preach to the world would have advanced us to being far better people. Apparently this has not happened. They attempted to lock God in a cave back then and through other means of technological advances, people have discovered more ways to put God away. At the same time, people have found more ways of doing evil. For some strange reason, a decrease in dedication to God has lead to an increase in commitment to evil. We have advanced from stoning to crucifixion to hanging to the electric chair to lethal injection. We have went from passing babies though the fire to passing them through the tube. Does anything matter anymore? America has been trying to secure the  grave site of God and the consequences are obvious. Everywhere we turn we see the results of this. People  are desperate for something they can hold on to but like sand it passes through their hands. It’s like trying to grab hold of the wind. When the foundations are ripped from beneath us, we fall hard. When the foundation is God Himself, we thrive on solid ground.

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