In Matthew 26:1, it says, “When Jesus had finished all these words, He said to His disciples…”

We are entering a tough section of scripture. The showdown is coming. However, it is comforting to know that Jesus FINISHED talking to His disciples before anything happened. I thank God that He gives us His Word, His power and His might to protect us in the midst of danger. God knows everything that is going to happen. Many people get upset at God because He didn’t prevent something from happening to them. While some people may be searching for an easy and unfulfilled life, God is in the business of building character. God uses situations and circumstances to test us. He already knows where we are at in our relationship with Him but often times we don’t know where we are. We can easily deceive ourselves if God does not test us in order to reveal to us where we are. We all know the confidence of Peter (which we will get to soon) and we will also see how his confidence in his flesh led to the most embarrassing moment of his life by denying Jesus three times (twice to little girls.) When we “think” we are strong, that is when we are most vulnerable to fail. Usually when we say, “I’ll never do (fill in the blank),” two minutes later we end up doing it. It is essential to our lives that we allow Jesus to FINISH talking to us, and that we meditate on EVERYTHING that He has to say to us, and then we can prepare to go out into battle with His Word, His power, and His might.

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