In Matthew 28:9, while the two Marys were on the way to report to the disciples all the angel had told and showed them, Jesus met them and greeted them. And they came up and took hold of His feet and worshiped Him.

I love the faithfulness of God. He always honors the little faith that we have and makes it stronger. The angel just finished telling the two Marys that Jesus was risen and even showed them the empty tomb and they immediately obeyed God’s commandments to spread the Gospel. Now the story that they were about to spread did seem a bit crazy. Who has ever heard of the dead rising? However, Jesus showed up just at the right time to strengthen their faith. As they believed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, He continued to reveal Himself more to them. The person, the glorious Lord whom they thought was taken away from them was alive, well, and stronger than ever! We should embrace the opportunity to let the world know the miraculous ways that God has worked in our lives. The more we continue to let go of the importance we place on what people think about us, the more we allow God to open doors to share the wonderful  and glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and all the ways that He loves us and has delivered us from sin, death, and even ourselves into eternal life. Let us be the agents of truth and producers of love that God planned for us to be before the foundations of the universe were lain.

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