In Matthew 27:63, the chief priests and the Pharisees said to Pontius Pilate, “Sir, we remember that when He was still alive that deceiver said, ‘ After three days I am to rise again.’”

The chief priests and Pharisees are afraid at this point of being wrong. They personally saw the miracles that Jesus did, heard His perfect teachings, heard His claims to be God, heard His cry for their forgiveness while crucifying Him, saw the veil tear and felt the earth shake after His death. All that He did is undeniable evidence to the claims He made. People today cannot deny the implications that if Jesus really did all of these things, He must be God. Instead, they throw out all these distracting and misleading ideas by making wild allegations that the Gospels were written by anonymous people or Jesus Christ never existed, and if He did, He was never crucified, and if He was crucified, He never rose from the dead. When we hate the implications of the truth, people will make up any lie to believe in just so we can feel comfortable with ourselves. The Pharisees certainly remembered every word that Jesus said. After all, they murdered Him based on the words He spoke. We think the new generation of atheists are sophisticated but they are nothing compared to these Pharisees and chief priests. They carefully planned the entire assassination of Jesus Christ from start to finish. However, one problem that occurs over and over for everyone who tries to kill God is He refuses to stay dead. He continues to burst forth from the grave into multitudes of believers crying out, “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

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