We will spend 2 weeks studying the Minor Prophet, Habakkuk.  Three chapters only … but so rich in foundational truth for each and every one of us. 

Kay Arthur tells us that it was the truth of this little book that influenced Martin Luther and fueled the reformation.  Luther was tormented by the idea that he served a righteous God who could not be satisfied.

And it was the truth of this little book that influenced a single woman, Hannah Hurnard, who was a missionary in Israel.  This book is what inspired her to write “Hinds’ Feet on High Places” – one of the classics in Christian devotional reading. 

I wonder what it will mean to you and me?  Are we willing to truly “hear” the message and the truth that Habakkuk puts forth? 

To grasp this book it is important for us to begin by reading the whole thing at one time.  It will help you get the flow … the sense of dialogue … the movement of thought in through the book. 

Stop reading here … and go to your Bible.  Then come back for a brief comment from me and that will be all for today.

I love what seems to be the open, honest dialogue between Habakkuk and God.  Habakkuk is not afraid to take his most troubling questions to God.  The things he just cannot understand.  Are you?  Habakkuk does not seem to feel that it is inappropriate … or sinful … or critical of God … or anything.  He takes his questions … his frustrations … even his complaints … to God.  What better place to take them? 

We see the same trait in David … that man of God.  Listen to him in Psalm 55: 1 – 8