In Matthew 28:16, the eleven disciples proceeded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated.

While the world is plotting and planning their next terrorist attack against God, as believers, we must continue to proceed to the designated place Jesus has set for us. We spend so much time tying to make the truth sound appealing that we end up taking so much away from it. The truth hurts but thanks to God for Jesus Christ who heals us from that painful truth. God has many plans for our lives but we must meet Him at the designated place to get these assignments. We lay all that we have at the cross and we meet Jesus on top of the mountain just as Moses met God to on top of the mountain to get the commandments. Instead of receiving commandments this time, we receive hope, truth, love, and compassion and then the power to go out into the world to share all that He has blessed us with. I would have never thought for a second in high school when I was cheating my way through English class I would have been writing this much now. God in His great glory and His remarkable humor takes the things we used to hate and makes us love them. Even better, He takes the sin we used to love and makes us despise it now. It is a trust thing. When we trusted in ourselves, we always let ourselves down. The disciples trusted in the Word of God and even in their persecution and execution, they prospered mightily.

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