In Matthew 28:19, Jesus said to the disciples, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

The church has coined this verse as the Great Commission. Some churches are even built on this verse. However, what does it mean to make disciples? Sometimes it seems like you are getting pressured to evangelize. Sunday after Sunday, the invitation is labored for ten to fifteen minutes, sometimes even more calling the people to come forward  even if it has nothing to do with the sermon (which would be strange that a sermon wouldn’t be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ). It looks great on paper when we read a report on how many new conversions, baptisms, and re-commitments happened on a week to week basis, month to month basis, year to year basis. It comes off to many as a sales pitch. Many people call pastors and evangelist salesmen (and women) who sell false hope. Personally, that doesn’t seem like making disciples to me. How can we make a disciple of someone that we have no idea who they are. Making disciples is something very personal that  takes place in a small group of people growing together in the Lord. Many people separate having people believe from being a disciples. The Greek term for believe means to “trust in, rely upon, cling to”. That is what as disciple does. Jesus, Paul, Peter, James and John never separated a believer from a disciple. They used the words synonymously.While churches may be desperate for new members and converts, we do not have to be. Let us be a friend to those who come in contact with us and walk arm in arm with them in the light of Jesus Christ.

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