In Matthew 27:62, Now on the next day, the day after the preparation, the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered together with Pilate.

It is a shame when the lines between the government and the religious sector gets blurry. This is the reason politics and religion is avoided in conversations. These are supposed to be God’s holy people, a chosen nation, and now they have become utterly dependent upon the Roman government. In 1 Samuel, the people demanded a king and now they are serving the Romans. The devil is very smart. He doesn’t tempt us to fall completely at first. Instead, he gradually has us decline until one day we find ourselves serving the enemies of God. Do we see the position we’ve put ourselves in? All of these years we have been fighting on Capitol Hill to pass legislation to force a non-Christian nation to follow Christians ethics and principles while the devil has craftily pulled our youth into following him. We spend so much time protesting in Washington and not enough time praying with our families. God isn’t trying to change people though public policy; God is trying to change lives though private prayers.

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