In Matthew 28:8, And they (the two Marys) left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy and ran to report it to His (Jesus’) disciples.

After the women saw the wonderful works of God, their hearts were relieved. The hope that was drained from them three days ago had been restored by seeing the tomb empty. The women had reliable eyewitness evidence to based their faith on. After they confirmed what they suspected, they couldn’t help but share the glorious news with the rest of the people. We do the same thing. When our favorite sports team wins a championship or our favorite musician is coming to perform or maybe we come into a great deal of money, we can’t help but share it with great joy. We post it all over Facebook, Twitter, and brag about it to our friends. However, when it comes to the things of God, we get very timid and sometimes even cowardly. What should have the most influence on our lives, the greatest miracle that we have ever witnessed, this is what society tell us to put in a tiny sealed compartment. They try to seal in our faith the same way they tried to seal the tomb of Jesus. This can and normally does drive us crazy when we cave in to society’s demands not to express our faith in Jesus Christ. What are we to do? Should we go to capitol Hill fighting for our rights? No way! We should pray for boldness asking God to strengthen us so His courage will be manifested out from us.

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