In Matthew 1:19, Joseph her husband, being a righteous man and not wanting to disgrace Mary (because she was pregnant before being officially married), planned to send her away secretly.

Over and over again, God shows us how He knows the our heart. While some try to argue that God chose Mary because she was “sinless”, I wonder why nobody argues that Joseph was also sinless? After all, Joseph had the power to stone Mary on the grounds of her being unfaithful. Wow! When we looking at all the obstacles that Jesus had to go through even at the time of His conception, it is impossible to say He is not God. Apparently neither Mary or Joseph were sinless but they did have a deep and strong trust in God. Joseph did not want to make a public spectacle of Mary’s pregnancy. He decided to diffuse the situation. While Mary may have been a great woman of God, Joseph should get some credit for his faith in God. While Joseph may have been faithful to keep Jewish law code, the impressive part is his faithfulness to display his godly character when dealing with Mary’s situation. Praise the Lord for His ability to know the heart of all men and women upon the face of the earth and preserve His Word from creation to conception, conception to the cross and the cross into eternity.

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