In Matthew 28:13, the chief priests said to the Roman soldiers, “You are to say, ‘His disciples came by night and stole Him away while we were asleep.’”

When the people need a lie to cover up an event, they will make up the most irrational stories. Either Jesus is risen from the dead is a lie or the disciples stole the body is a lie. That was the best explanation they could find with their short time span to make up an excuse. Over the years, more outrageous explanations have been given as well.  To deal with the excuse that the disciples stole the body, how many people have you heard broken into jail to break someone out and it was done in secret. Are we to believe the same cowardly disciples who went into hiding when Jesus was captured (or better yet when Jesus surrendered Himself) were brave enough to confront the Roman soldiers, break the seal, roll away the large stone, and steal the body of Jesus? It is interesting to me that people who claim to be reasonable and rational will not accept unlikely and improbable explanations for anything in life but when it comes to Jesus, they are quick to accept the most absurd stories just to avoid the truth of resurrection. Why would they steal the body? What would it benefit them to make people believe Jesus was God if He really wasn’t? Why would they knowingly worship a man as God that they knew was dead? Without the resurrection, Christianity is completely worthless. Let’s make sure we evaluate what people say before we fall for their insane theories of who Jesus was and what really happened to Him.

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